STOCK #: 5L405867
MILES: 58,679
TRANSMISSION: 4 speed Automatic
ENGINE: 6.0L V8 SFI aluminum (400 HP [297.9 kW] @ 5200
VIN #: 6G2VX12UX5L405867
Body Style: Coupe
DRIVETRAIN: Rear Wheel Drive
WARRANTY: Contact Dealership
  • I don't have his phone number but if I did I would love to call Bob Lutz (former GM big wig) and personally thank him for putting this rear drive, LS powered platform into the power hungry hands of go fast guys all over the US.  The Aussies called it a Holden Monaro and here we called it a blank canvas.  STS is one such company that early on recognized the tuneability of the platform and started cranking out mods.  This beautiful silver GTO is one such vehicle that takes full benefit of the STS turbo kit.  Centering around a recently rebuilt t67 turbo with upgraded bearings from Tims Turbo in Falls Church Va this GTO takes the LS2 V8 to the next level.  The Devils Own methanol injection kit works to manage lower air temps.  A set of 90lb injectors work with the DW 350 LPH fuel pump to to get the fuel to the party.  A Turbowerx Exa pump moves the lube where it needs to be. Prospeed boost gauges keep the driver informed.  A Gforce 3.73 gear set is accompanied by billet steel diff adjusters out back.  The Eaton True Trac set up is a 28 spline version.  The front and back coil overs are from BC and all rubber bushings were swapped in favor of poly from Kohler.  Hotchkis sway bars and inner tire rods (roadsafe) were also done.  The rack is swapped to a Pedders Quik Rack to liven up steering feel.  Leaving no stone unturned, the interior lights were all swapped to red LEDs from Bohnman including tach and speedo cluster.  This GTO has Nitto drag radials out back and z rated Nittos in front.  The carbon fiber hood is in great shape and goes nicely with the rear deck spoiler.  The leather seats are in great condition and all of the plastic interior trim is right where it should be and looks very well kept.  This is a whole lotta car for the money.  And while I dont have Bob Lutz's phone number, I do have Dave the salesman who is going to set up your test drive.  Call Dave at 4349-983-1656

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